A departure from the bold, full frontal, heavy look of SAMURIDE... I wanted to embrace and explore the feeling of 'escape'. I find myself at a creative cross-road, with a strong desire to move away from hard-edge *ballsy* forms and line work - towards a looser, more dreamy, softer and more fluid-like composition . 

Being a hard-core perfectionist, with a OCD tendency  (ok, ok - im an OCD pin-up girl!) Ive wanted to let go, 'loosen up' and not to 'overthink' this piece - and instead, let my feelings guide the direction and composition of this work, 100%. 

The reasons behind it....? I guess sometimes when you work for yourself, it can be quite isolating, the walls around can start to close in on you and you feel drained, as you continue to draw from an internal creative well that eventually needs refilling... Daydreaming becomes the default mode, while you detach yourself by switching to 'auto-pilot' in order to get things done. 

This piece has been created without any preliminary sketches - it's development has been purely organic, channeling and documenting my inner feelings, as I feel them - working on and off this piece, throughout the day and night.

Im working on it now, at a time where Im craving a holiday away.  As much as I LOVE my home in Darlinghurst, Sydney (and feel extremely lucky to live here) - recently my desire to take some time out from my local, urban area has been building... hopefully soon, I can turn my daydreams into reality!