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Westfield Carousel, Perth W.A

Westfield Carousel  together with aMBUSH Gallery approached for a wonderful collaboration, where they asked me to create several large scale murals and internal wall art installations for Westfield Carousel in Perth, Western Australia. This was such an awesome creative and artistic opportunity and challenge for me - to develop my artworks on a scale which I haven't done before, with the awesome aMBUSH Gallery curating the entire project.   

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Mullenlowe Profero - International Digital Agency Mural

Was given a truly AWESOME opportunity to create a custom wall mural in the newly refurbished offices of International Digital Agency, MullenLowe Profero in Sydney. With the company logo - 'MO' - being a boxing octopus (!!) it felt like a PERFECT match of MullenLowe's own creative branding, with my own penchant for watery, quirky sea creatures! Bring it ON :) My concept for the wall art, was to depict 'Mo' embracing various aspects of the agency, through the use of icons / symbols based on the digital & creative services Mullenlowe Profero create and provide worldwide. The title of the Wall Art therefore became "8 Embrace" Symbols and icons such as - iPhones, iPads, Email, Headphones, digital cables, wifi, cloud, brief / ideas, music, digital architecture / strategy graphs,...

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