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EU 'From Habitat to Community' - Stop Wildlife Trafficking

I am very excited and proud to share most recent project collaboration, a short animated film "From Habitat to Community”. A film aimed at Stopping Wildlife Trafficking around the world.  It is a truly a career highlight and privilege to see my artwork come to life - especially in a way to help illustrate an important social cause. I have had the honour of working with @rasicpartners (Creative Direction) and @bobconnellyrxtx (Animation Design) on this animated film to showcase how the illegal capture, removal and trafficking of wild animals from their natural habitat brings health risks to communities around the world. This animation was created for the European Union in the framework of the project ‘Law Enforcement and Demand Management of...

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SONY collaboration

Anyone who knows me, would know this is just about as AWESOME a creative collaboration can be - when asked to channel one of my most FAV movies and heroines of all time with one of the most famous Japanese companies ever - SONY! Check out the timelapse of this artwork HERE  Additionally, a Behind-the-scenes video and chat with Sony Australia was made by the talented crew from Red Scope films. Very proud to be asked to work on this special collaboration piece which gave me the freedom to pay homage the original Rebel Princess ✨ Watch my interview with them HERE  

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