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Arthropods of Anarchy - Artwork Series

A visual diary of my work-in-progress. 'Arthropods of Anarchy' is a series where I wanted to explore and recreate the beautiful details and forms of Crustaceans. I love observing the complexity and intricate structures of their exoskeletons, as well as the beautiful textures and interconnectivity of their shells.  These creatures reflect a combination of both resilience as well as fragility - through the contrast of their finer , more intricate forms eg. antenna and legs; compared to their more rugged and rigid shells. I wanted to embellish and further add to their textures, and elaborate their joints - wanting to create a greater sense of 'hardening-up' these already tough, creatures of the deep. PRAWN  Watercolour, Pencil, Japanese Ink, Pen on etching paper. 100 x 70cm...

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