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"Smoking Souls" RISE Exhibition 2020

Very excited and honoured to be part of RISE EXHIBITION. An exhibition to benefit those impacted by the Australian bushfires. The exhibition is taking place at The Carriage Works, Sydney. 11th - 20th March 2020.  An epic line-up of local and international Artists are all creating works for an online silent auction - using charcoal collected from the burnt trees.The concept behind my piece "Smoking Souls" reflects the spirits of the lost wildlife (kangaroo’s) fleeing the fires in the form of smoke. The burnt corner of my canvas symbolises the fires, the thick / thin charcoal strokes and splatters symbolising the charred trees and ash filled winds carrying their souls away. "Smoking Souls" is a mixed media composition using charcoal, Japanese Ink (black and...

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"Onna-Bugeisha" (Female Warrior) - New Artwork

I just completed my newest piece on canvas (1000 x 1000mm) which I've titled 'Onna-Bugeisha' which translated from Japanese means 'Female Warrior' This piece is my interpretation of Neoclassicism - playing with traditional Japanese Ukiyo-E subjects and styles, combined with contemporary objects, elements and themes. Being lucky enough to be born and raised in a free country like Australia, where the concept of 'Female Empowerment' being the cultural norm...  this quite often led to tensions and struggles at times when I was trying to relate to my okaasan (mother) and her old school, traditional Japanese views and behavioural expectations of how I ( ie, girl / woman / female) should 'be' whilst growing up.I was often challenged and questioned over how I should -or- should not present myself...

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